This is the way we reach you.

The internet constitutes Angsamerah’s main marketing and promotion tool. A majority of the clients accessing the two Angsamerah clinics know about the clinics from the internet (Angsamerah website, blog & social media, as well as websites of partners).

Through the internet Angsamerah also promotes its other businesses, such as the Angsamerah learning center, which provides trainings, workshops and bedside teaching for health professionals, public health consultations, as well as sex education for schools and private companies. Moreover, the Angsamerah website and blog also provide a wide range of health articles, an anonymous forum for people to ask questions directly to our doctors, a platform for a wide range  experts to promote themselves, and regular updates on activities conducted.

The Angsamerah website ( had first been launched back in 2010, around the time the first Angsamerah clinic started its operation. Since then, the website has been updated and further developed and refined on a regular basis. In July 2015, the latest version of the website had been finalized, containing several subdomains, such as,, and (mobile friendly website).

As can be seen in the google analytics graphic above, the average number of daily users (individuals) accessing has increased from 32 in July 2014 to 718 in December 2016, which is a more than 22-fold increase! Furthermore, blog users spend an increasing amount of time exploring the site, as indicated by the orange bounce rate curve in the graphic. More than 95% of users explore further from the initial landing site.

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