Interview: Perspective of Angsamerah as the service provider in contact with Young Key Populations

A Joint Evaluation of HIV-related Capacity Development Initiatives on Young Key Populations (YKP) in Asia and the Pacific

Young key populations in Asia and the Pacific, as in most other parts of the world, are disproportionally affected by the HIV and AIDS epidemic. In recent years, the HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment, as well as the care and support needs of this key target group have been addressed through a coordinated approach of UN agencies and civil society partners, grouped under the Asia Pacific Inter-Agency Task Team on Young Key Populations (IATT on YKP).

Now an independent evaluation of HIV-related capacity developent initiatives on young key populations in Asia and the Pacific has been launched by the UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia on behalf of the IATT on YKP based in Bangkok. The Royal Tropical Institute of the Netherlands (KIT) has been contracted to conduct the evaluation, and is currently working on the Indonesian case study. Part of the evaluation is to capture the perspective of service providers in contact with young key populations.

Consequently, Jakarta based Angsamerah Instititution had been contacted to take part in the evaluation. Thus, on September 10, Dr. Iko Safika, one of the members of the KIT evaluation team, visited the Angsamerah Clinic in Central Jakarta to interview Dr. Nurlan Silitonga, charismatic founder and director of Angsamerah Institution.

The two clinics run by Angsamerah have been successful in attracting a large number of young key population patients, who value the private clinic environment, and the staff’s friendly, professional and non-judgemental attitude towards minority groups and young people, who are sexually active.

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