Klinik Wisma Kesehatan Terpadu Cendrawasih, Tanjung Elmo, Jayapura, Papua

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Wisma Kesehatan Terpadu Cenderawasih (WKTC PKBI) is a sexual and reproductive health clinic situated in the heart of Tanjung Elmo lokalisasi. The red light complex is located at the picturesque shores of Lake Sentani below the main road connecting Sentani airport with the provincial capital Jayapura (which is roughly a 30 minutes drive away). It currently houses more than 300 migrant female sex workers, mostly from East Java province.

WKTC is run by the Papua branche of the PKBI, which is the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association. The clinic is well established and has been operating since 1997 (for 17 years). The clinic has previously been assisted by FHI for clinical assistances and outreach (until 2010, through the provincial health office), and is currently in the process of receiving a small grant by the USAID SUM II program.

angsamerah-trainees-dokteri-VITAV2BWKTC provides a number of sexual and reproductive health care services (such as HIV and STI counseling and testing, STI treatment, and contraception), with some general health services also being available occasionally. Almost all patients are FSWs from the surrounding Tanjung Elmo lokalisasi but a small number of high risks men, waria and men have seks with men (MSM) also access the the services (referrd by the clinic’s outreach staff). FSWs undergo HIV testing upon entering the lokalisasi (roughly 20 of the FSWs within the lokalisasi are living with HIV) and routine (monthly) STI testing as long as they work within the complex.

PKBI has introduced a 100% condom policy at the lokalisasi and according to the staff few new HIV cases are being detected once the women start working (according to staff FSWs’ condom use is high but not 100% and still limited with regular clients and partners). STIs other than HIV are frequently diagnosed at the clinic.

HIV testing is provided for free and compulsory for all newly arriving women before they start working at Tanjung Elmo. Routine monthly STI testing (excluding HIV) is done by all FSWs for a fee of Rp. 75,000 per screening package. The fee accounts for medical consumables and contributes towards the payment of the clinic staff.

The clinic is linked to a network of other health care providers, such as the nearby Puskesmas Harapan and the Rumah Sakit Umum Abepura for CD4 testing, ART and the treatment of opportunistic infections.

The clinic operates on three days a week, with three doctors from the nearby Puskesmas on service alternately (one doctor on each day of operation, paid for by the government). With the exception of the doctors, who are civil servants, all the other clinic staffs are employed by PKBI. They consist of a nurse, lab technician, two case managers, a counselor and supporting staff.

Angsamerah-trainees-RIAV2BThe team is led by Julinaria Sipayung, who has no medical background but showing high commitment and long experience working for PKBI and the clinic. Overall the team is committed and has been able to provide good quality and friendly services to the FSWs and other key affected populations over the years.

Less than a year ago the clinic was forced to move to a less favourable location within the complex and unfortunately the condition of the current building is inappropriate for a clinic. The clinic is dark and moist (lacking sunlight) and ventilation is poor, thus not fulfilling the criteria for a healthy clinic environment.

The clinic management is aware of this, but they try to make the best out of it and feel they cannot do much about it, as they have already paid the rental fee for the next four years. In financial terms the clinic has reached self-sufficiency thanks to a combination of patient revenues, contributions from the Pokja Elmo Sehat (for renting) and government support (providing doctors, testing reagents and medication).

The WKTC team hopes to further improve the quality of the services in the future, as well as to create a healthier clinic environment for the staff and patients by relocating to a more favorable house.

As there are currently no plans underway by the local government to close down Tanjung Elmo lokalisasi, a move to a more favourable location is essential. Moreover, they wish to advance on an individual level by receiving motivational training, learn about self-branding and increase their communication skills in order to boost their ability to provide quality services and show case the clinic’s achievements to the outside world.

Angsamerah-trainees-LilisAngsamerah in partnership with SUMII Project’s USAID provided Technical Assistances to the clinic to be able financially sustainable in providing their mission toward high quality and friendly services with affordable prices. The three months project had been completed and without doubt the three months assistances is not yet adequate to fullfill this ultimate goal.

Angsamerah believes their dream is feasible to be achieved, and would like to invite anyone to join to support their dreams and transfom it into a success story. There are various type of collaborations and contributions that can be developed that may benefit mutually to any parties. If you are interested or have questions about this cause please kindly contact us at customer@angsamerah.com

Angsamerah rhymes for social entrepreneurship in healthcare services.

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