Dr. Alia Puji Hartanti Budi

She is a physician with more than ten years experiences in medical practice in various settings of health facilities in public and private sector. She understands very well about the health system in Indonesia as well her extensive knowledge and experiences in infectious diseases clinical management in Indonesia and the global context. Adding to her clinical capacity, for more than 7 years, Dr. Alia has intensively focused her work in managing public health program for HIV, STIs, Harm Reduction and Avian Influenza.

Her leadership and management skill has been greatly enhanced through of years experiences working for National and International institutions such as; National Infectious Diseases Hospital, WHO, AUSAID Project for HIV in Indonesia, and Australasian Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM). For the last four years, she worked intensively for HIV program in prison settings, and in 2012 the program has been acknowledged by UNAIDS as the best practice program in Asia, and Dr. Alia is respected as one of the contributors to this success. The combination of her experiences and skill in clinical, public health, and management in various settings and with the multi disciplinary and multicultural team has contributed greatly to her talent in the areas of strategic thinking, problem solving, facilitating group and teaching skill.

In 2012 to 2014 under the management of Angsamerah Insitution Dr. Alia worked a Project Coordinator for managing the Australasian Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) ‘s program in Indonesia, working closely with the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI), and one Correctional Units, Salemba and Pemuda Prisons. Now she is working for USAID on TB program in Indonesia.

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