Dr. Allert Benedicto Ieuan (ABI) Noya

This fresh, young man with an artistic soul, is one of the physicians at Angsamerah Clinics. He is also responsible to manage the Youth public health program at Angsamerah Foundation. Graduated at 22 as General Practitioner from Christian University of Indonesia, dr. ABI then flew to the North Sulawesi to join the National Health program and providing the health care services in some most remote areas there.

His interest and passion in sexual and reproductive health (SRH), dr. ABI decided to join with Angsamerah to follow his dream. Through his working experiences, he has witnessed and managed sexual and reproductive cases in particularly issues related to young people. dr. ABI is concerned about the limited knowledge of SRH in Indonesian society, especially the young generation with the raging hormones and their level of curiosities.

Adding to that, he is aware that for several reasons there are only few numbers of doctors and health facilities that provide high quality, and friendly health care services with affordable prices for society especially for health issues related to Sex, HIV and DRUGS without judgment and stigma. By joining Angsamerah he believes that he could put those concerns aside and finally do something about it.

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