Prof. Dr. Budi Utomo, MPH

Prof. Dr. Budi Utomo is an approachable and calm gentleman with a cheerful disposition, who can look back at a remarkable career as an academic, researcher and advisor. He has an educational background in medicine, public health and demography.

He does also have extensive experience in managerial positions, having been the Director of the Health Research Centre at the University of Indonesia (1986-1992, 1997-2000), Chairman of the National Network of Epidemiology (1987-1992), Director of the Indonesian Population Council (2000-2005) and Health Service Program Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser (2006-2008).

Through his teachings, research projects and as an advisor, Prof. Budi Utomo has been working with a wide range of local and international partners and organizations, both from the government and private sectors.

The topics of his work and interest centre around development issues, demography and health (including mental health, family planning, HIV/AIDS and STIs, health systems, health planning, information systems, monitoring and evaluation, and research development).

Since 2009 Prof. Budi Utomo has been working as a research advisor for the HIV Cooperation Program for Indonesia (HCPI) and he is the headmaster at the faculty of public health at the University of Indonesia (UI).

“Understand the problem first, then plan and act” Prof. Dr. Budi Utomo, MPH

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