Dr. Budiarto

Dr. Budiarto is an experienced and energetic Indonesian physician, trainer and advisor. He has 20 years of working practice as a general practitioner in various healthcare settings, and more than 15 years of experience in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care, TB and Malaria control, public health, monitoring and evaluation, and infectious diseases and harm reduction programs, as clinician, consultant and program manager, including as National Master Trainer for HIV and AIDS.

Dr. Budiarto is highly motivated and passionate about the work he is doing. He has excellent people management and leadership skills and has successfully designed, developed, delivered and evaluated numerous public health programs. He has managed program funding amounting to several millions of US dollars. Dr. Budiarto has the ability to manage healthcare facilities, and he is a great facilitator, trainer and mentor.

He has a practical outlook on things, is a quick learner and able to adapt easily to new and changing settings and to work across different cultures and disciplines. He has extensive experience working with the Indonesian Ministry of Health and a sound understanding of the Indonesian health system. Between 2012 and 2015 he worked as a HIV treatment specialist, holding the position of the Deputy Country Director of the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). Thereafter, he has been a short term consultant for the World Bank, preparing the exit strategy for the Government of Indonesia for the Global Fund transition planning. Currently, he is establishing a doctor to doctor HIV and AIDS clinical mentoring teleconsultation in collaboration with Angsamerah Institution.

He is available to provide consultation related to strategic advices in the project and program development in various settings in Indonesia.

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