Chrysant Lily Kusumowardoyo

She is currently a researcher at a DFAT-funded research project with the Center of Health Policy and Management (CHPM), Medical Faculty – Gadjah Mada University. Together with a team which involves nine universities throughout Indonesia, she is investigating the level of integration between HIV and AIDS policy/programming with the national health system. Prior to this, she has worked on several international development organizations, both in Indonesia and abroad. She has a strong background on issues of children, youth and development, as well as volunteer for development.

Relevant to her interest in development issues, she has completed her Master of Arts on Gender and Development from the Institute of Social Studies, University of Erasmus – the Netherlands, which was funded by the Dutch government through StuNed scholarship. Her undergraduate was in business management, and this unique combination of different disciplines has given her strong skills in social marketing and communication.

Throughout her working experience, she has also developed a niche expertise on training and facilitation, project cycle management, knowledge management, and research. With her dynamic and outgoing personality, she enjoys collaborating with different stakeholders and most of her work is related with partnership management.

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