Dr. Daria Mejnartowicz

What makes an important goal in her career is to find a place in the company, in which she will share with others (and strengthen by her actions) the following values of that organization: – with successes, helpful, well-balanced, giving satisfaction, purposeful, humanistic, safe, comfortable and warm, etc.

Her principle goals which relate to her personal professional endeavors:

1. To continue to be an effective, competent top manager in a company with a wish to cooperate on a national and international level.

2. To be a member of a successful and established organization whose values and ethos enhance society, through well-balanced, purposeful and humanistic processes.

3. Putting energy through her work to have a global impact on improving human lives: health, well-being, awareness and respect of rights.

Areas she is interested in: Health care, recreation, sport, Women empowerment, CSR.

She is a committed employee and her strengths are: self-motivation, open-mindedness, ability to multitask, well-organized, disciplined in achieving a goal and most importantly she care passionately about people’s health and well-being and also for people with physical and learning disabilities for whom she organized numerous activities of which she is particularly proud of.

One of her passions is channeled into devoting lots of her energy, time, money, to do philanthropic work, especially in the areas of: health care (treatment and prevention), the handicapped, sexual education and sport. These personal commitments, which she pursues has allowed her to continually strive to achieve her dream a reality with an intention to work for a mature, strong, humanistic, international company allowing her to maximize her potential, to develop and use her managerial experience and skills to the maximum, channel her medical knowledge and energy alongside her other abilities to help developing cultures and communities to flourish. She would like to coordinate health programs in communities, to launch new medical services.

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