Fabiana Elias de Mesquita

She is a journalist with emphasis on social responsibility, educomunication and Art-Instructor. She has a Bachelor on Social Communication (field of Journalism) at Santa Cecilia University, Santos Brazil. She also has a Master Degree in Education, Art and History of Culture at the Presbyterian University Mackenzie, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Nowadays she is a candidate of PhD. in Anthropology at the Asian Social Institute in the Philippines. She has worked for the City of Santos Environmental Department from 1997-2007, and mostly as the Head of the City of Santos Agenda 21. She spent her last 8 years in South East Asia living in Indonesia, Philippines and Viet Nam and there she has dedicated most of her time to enhance youth capacity to become key protagonist.

She is one activist promoting woman youth as protagonists in the environmental, women rights, promotion of volunteerism and social questions. Other of her abilities are in Strategic Planning and its implementation; creation of Artistic, Social and Communication projects; implementation of socio environmental actions; empowerment of marginalized groups; Leadership and youth mobilization.

Her objective in this work is to contribute to protagonist of youth in their development as leaders of social movements that can change my country. Although Brazil has gone through many positive changes in recent years, it still has much to develop, not only economically and socially, but also in terms of human rights and protagonist particularly for women, youth and children. Their participation in the UN forums can enrich their leadership and wide their perspective about the world.

Her personal history and academic background prepared her to be an instigator and an agent of good practices, capitalizing on her urge to conquer deeper social changes.

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