Farah Amini

Ms Amini is a strategic communications expert who has spent 17 years working in media and communications for private corporations, nongovernmental organizations, and donor projects.

For the past six years, Ms. Amini has designed and implemented strategic communications and behavior change initiatives related to hygiene, sanitation, and health throughout Indonesia. She is skilled in all aspects of behavior change and strategic communications to support advocacy efforts and mobilize demand at the community and national levels to improve policies in support of access to water and sanitation.

Currently, as Public Affairs Specialist for Australia’s Education Partnership with Indonesia, Ms. Amini developed the public diplomacy strategy to promote Australia’s contribution in education and assisted in the preparation of activity implementation.

Prior to that, she served as Behavior Change and Communications Advisor/Leader for Demand Mobilization Component of USAID-Indonesia Urban Water Sanitation and Hygiene Project, Ms. Amini oversees all strategic communications and works with communities, Government of Indonesia ministries, local governments, media, and the donor community to change behavior to improve demand on water and sanitation services and at the same time design intervention for hygiene behavior change for the community. She is also responsible for managing private sector contribution to support IUWASH work on improved access on water and sanitation for the intended community.

Earlier, Ms. Amini served as Advocacy Advisor and Millennium Challenge Corporation Indonesia/Immunization Project to strengthen local government commitment in achieving target for universal coverage of immunized under 5 in Indonesia and ensure mobilization for all influential partners such as Muslimat NU, Aisyiyah, The Scouts, and PKK, to support this achievement.

She was also the Public Outreach and Communications Coordinator for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Environmental Services Program (ESP) where she managed ESP’s strategic communications on all of its behavior change activities. In this capacity, Ms. Amini created and defined media themes, approaches, and guidelines on various issues—such as hand washing, water conservation, and land rehabilitation—to be promoted through campaigns at national and provincial levels. Her experience also includes working with private and public institutions. As National Media Relations Officer on a HIV/AIDS prevention program, she worked with the Ministry of People’ welfare to to design effective messages advocate for HIV awareness.

Ms. Amini holds a master’s degree in communications management from the University of Indonesia and speaks both Bahasa Indonesia and English.

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