Dr. Graham Neilsen

Dr. Neilsen is a specialist Sexual Health Physician and Public Health Physician with more than 20 years experience in sexual health programs in developing countries in Asia, the Pacific, Eastern Europe, Africa as well as Australia.

He has a Master of Medicine degree in Sexual Health from the University of Sydney. He is a Fellow of both the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine and the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine, Royal Australasian College of Physicians. He is the author of many peer-reviewed papers on sexual health issues and has written several book chapters on the area. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections.

He has focused his work on public health aspects of sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) and reproductive health issues especially among marginalised populations [e.g., sex workers, men who have sex with men, transgender people, and injecting drug users]. He has strong experience in project, program and funding proposal design and reviews, national policy development, and situation assessments for multilateral and bilateral agencies and international non-governmental organizations.

Dr Neilsen is highly skilled and experienced in the training of clinical and public health professionals, development of training curricula, guidelines and training, supervision and program support materials for sexual health and HIV programs. He has extensive experience in the design, implementation and dissemination of public health and clinical research in HIV and STIs. In addition to his native English language, Dr. Neilsen speaks basic Indonesian, Thai, French and German.

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