Nabila Advani, B.Sc., MIB.

Graduated with Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from Curtin University, Australia, in 2011 and Master of International Business from the same university in 2013, Nabila Advani, an outgoing and positive person, is passionate in leading, motivating and bringing out the best in others, regardless of the background differences.

She truly believes in the importance of mental health as much as she believes that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Having lived abroad for several years, Nabila is fluent is English, open-minded and possesses high level of cultural sensitivity.

Her previous work experience in counseling, sales and marketing have equipped her with mandatory skills and knowledge of dealing with people of various personalities.

Intercultural communications, personality studies and mental wellness in adults happen to be of utmost interests for her.

Hence, as a Case Manager at Angsamerah Clinic, she wishes that people would feel at home at Angsamerah, knowing that as a team, we would kindly provide support and kindness to the ones who need them the most.

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