Dr. Putri Oktriana

Dr. Putri is not just a ‘common’ general practitioner (GP), she has very well knowledge and experiences in managing clinical cases related to sexual and reproductive Health including HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Add to that she cares very much to the youth’s life and consistently learning and giving her best to help the youth to be able to access a friendly and high quality of reproductive health services.

Aside of her clinical capacity, she contributed greatly for writing standard operating procedures, writing and reviewing articles of Angsamerah. She was one of the editors for Buku Panduan Praktis Pedoman Pelayanan Penderita HIV-AIDS di Fasilitas Kesehatan TNI-AD.

Dr. Putri was one of the valuable experts for the Angsamerah capacity building activities, and she was responsible for providing guidance for the youth internship at Angsamerah Institution.

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