Ramdani Sirait

He is a communication specialist with 22 years experiences in a vast area of journalism, communications and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), including all aspects of media relations, corporate internal and external communications. He started his career in 1992 as a junior reporter at Antara News Agency (Kantor Berita Antara), Indonesia where over the course of twelve years working at this agency he gained invaluable experiences.

After his first position as junior reporter, his next positions included specialist journalist for economics (1992 – 1996); coordinator for economics reporting (1996 – 1999); East Timor correspondent during the referendum period prior to its Independence (September – November 1999); English Desk Service editor (November 1999 – January 2000) and special journalist assigned to the Palace of the President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (January 2000 – March 2001). He was also given the opportunity to become Kantor Berita Antara’s correspondent for a post in United Nations Headquarter in New York, USA (March 2001 – September 2004). He returned to Indonesia in 2004 and after a brief return to Antara head office in Jakarta decided that after twelve years it was time to move on. He wanted to broaden his career base and became a freelance journalist for foreign press agencies, and subsequently joined such prestigious press agencies as Kyodo News Agency and the Australian Associated Press, where he covered their news in Jakarta as well as in Bali.

Since March 2006 he has joined PT Freeport Indonesia in the position of Media Relations Superintendent. In this company He is responsible for media matters such as media monitoring, developing media network, media intelligence, news placement, media cooperation, media inquiries and media visits. In addition He is also involved in internal and external communications activities.

For the external communications his activities comprise communicating with the company’s stakeholders, namely news media, NGO and the people of Papua. In this job it is important to be a good listener and communication partner and able to master negotiation skills. Meanwhile, for internal communications he is involved in activities pertaining to producing and distributing internal publications such as quarterly magazine, bi-weekly tabloid, electronic-daily newsletter, internal television and internal presentations for employees. Since June 2008, He was promoted to become General Superintendent (Deputy to head of Communications) with additional work, handling “Freeport Cares” program, a Freeport’s CSR program out of Papua and focus on Education, Health and Environment, and also Contribution and Sponsorship. Starting October 2010 to present, He also in charge as Spokesperson of PT Freeport Indonesia.

As a member of Corporate Communications Departement of the company, He is involved on information gathering on politic, social, economy and security in the country to update the management. This responsible pushes him to understand the company’s stakeholders namely, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Enviroment, Ministry of Manpower, President’s Palace, Parliament, journalists including Mining Beat Reporters, Mining Editors Club and Editors Club, NGOs that focuses their eyes on extractive industry (mining, oil and gas industry), including environmental issues.

CSR is another field he mastered during his stay with PT Freeport Indonesia and PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk. CSR was implemented in those two companies as part of company’s responsibility to 3P (Product, People and Planet). He worked with different division in those companies in creating, executing and evaluationg the CSR Program that were aimed at also supporting the company’s sustainable business.

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