Setia Perdana

Setia Perdana was born 25 years ago on 1989. Graduated from Computer science majority with a bachelor degree. In 2010 he involved in a youth led based national organization moving in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights issues named Independent Young People Alliance and use his Capacity on Media & ICT based approach to young people in Indonesia to aware on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights issues.

His first project was the OnePerson OneAction with aim to involve young people in their rights and needs on Comprehensive Sexuality Education. This project is adopted in a Global context by Choice for Youth & Sexuality and Dance4Life International named YOU(TH)DOIT campaign.

Represent the young gay community in the organization, he always enrich the potential strategic program to be more friendly and to cover needs of marginalized young people community. Since the Beginning of 2012, he had been choose to be the first national coordinator of GWLmuda, the National coalition of Young Gay, Waria (Transgender women) and other Men who have sex with men in Indonesia. He and the GWLmuda has successfully endorse Government and Civil society program to put Young Gay, Waria and other MSM in the center and as a subject of strategies. Until the end of 2012, GWLmuda has outstanding changes in 8 provinces in Indonesia.

At the same year he was selected to be the Focal country point of YouthLEAD the Regional Network of Key Affected Populations in Asia Pacific, also be the Sub coordinator of Insular Countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine & Timor Leste) in Youth Voices Count the Regional Network of MSM and Transgender women in Asia Pacific.

Now, He is coordinating Fokus Muda the Network of Young Key Population, works in enabling supportive environment for young people most affected with HIV by advocate their mmeaningfully participations in all stages of every stakeholder’s strategies. He believes that integrating the Sexual rights and young people meaningfully participation in every center development issues will provide a comprehensive approach in the society to respond those challenges.

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