Dr. Sri Pandam, M.Sc

Regarded as an outspoken and professional lady, Dr. Sri Pandam Pulungsih, M.Sc is a medical doctor with Master’s degree in Medical Epidemiology from Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand. She has extensive knowledge and experience working on infectious diseases for 30 years. For the last 20 years, she has specialized working in the field of HIV-AIDS.

She also has an excellent understanding about the Indonesian National Health System through her working experiences as a government employee, whereas her last assignment in 2005 was the Deputy Director for Medical Services, National Infectious Disease Hospital “Prof. Dr. Sulianti Saroso”, Indonesia. She was responsible for the overall medical services management to supervise 54 medical doctors, 160 nurses amongst a total of 400 employees.

In 2005, she continued pursuing her passion working for WHO in Indonesia, being responsible as a technical adviser to support the Ministry of Health in the area of rolling out prevention, care, support and treatment to a continuum of care for people living with HIV. Since 2013, Dr. Pandam had been working as a consultant for the Indonesian government in various HIV-AIDS programs, mainly focusing on LKB (continuous comprehensive health care for people living with HIV-AIDS), strategic use of ARVs (SUFA). She is also actively involved in the development of HIV-related guidelines, such as the guideline of HIV Testing and Counseling in Health Care Services, ART, as well as the national guidelines of Care, Support, and Treatment for People Living with HIV-AIDS.

Through her role as a independent consultant she had been contributing significantly to the development of the National HIV and STI Action Plan 2015-2019. Dr. Pandam also had been working as a consultant for the Angsamerah – SUM II (USAID) partnership on technical assistance to 6 private clinics across Indonesia. Her main role was to make sure that the provided technical assistance is in line with the National HIV Program, to facilitate a smooth collaboration between the clinic partners and the district/city level health offices and other key government agencies, as well as to help link the clinics to the local network of comprehensive HIV/AIDS and STI services. Also Dr. Sri Pandam had experience working for the GFATM program to support National HIV/AIDS Program as the Program Management Unit Coordinator.

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