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I had unprotected * on Thursday, and he ejaculate inside but it was only pre-c because he pulled out. One day after I was spotting (it was dark red or brownish) but i'm certain it is not my period (due to the smell, color and texture) and I dont experience any cramps or any other period symptoms. my last period started on April 6th, so I was supposed to get my period May 6th or after (because my cycle is not consistent). What could the spotting means? (It's been going for more or less 2 days) Thanks.


Hi there. Thank you for your question.
Regarding your question I would have to ask whether you are using any contraception pills? Or are you in stress or to tired with your work, There is a possibility the spotting is due to your sex activity a day before or it could also means you start your menstruation earlier from it suppose to start. For me, since you said the spotting start already 2 days, it is possible you started your menstruation period earlier.
Hope it answer your question. salam angsamerah

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