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Please advise whether my symptoms are related to HIV or only due to my anxiety

Hi Doctor,
I'm from UK, Around 4 weeks back(20-Jun-16) i had sexually contact with prostitute in Jakarta, there was no sexual intercourse during the encounter, before start of encounter, she has washed my penis when she was bathing together with me and later she has done only massage, during course of massage,she has pressed my penis 2-3 times with her hands and later put condom on my penis and i have immediately ejaculated with no intercourse. starting from 3 days post this encounter i have experienced soar throat and started loose diarrhea and still continue the same after 3-4 weeks period, recently from last 3-4 days i have been noticing mild headache. i have started using medication for my diarrhea since last 3 days and currently it is slowly getting better. Also my soar throat is not very severe, feels throat is not clear there is some thing back of my throat, only little pain exists, no problem in eating food. currently i'm very worried whether these symptoms are related to HIV and also today i have noticed mild chills and my worry still increased.I have undergone DNA PCR test for HIV after 7 days(27-Jun-16) of above sexually encounter and result is no virus is detected in the test. So does it confirm whether i do not have HIV infection as no intercourse has happened.Please help me to clarify whether my symptoms are related to HIV as i'm feeling very anxious and extremely depressed.Also please confirm whether i need to undergo any other HIV test.


Hi guy, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, chills are not only symptoms for HIV. Other viruses will give that symptoms also. 
Your body need 4-12 weeks to make HIV's antibody. So you can repeat HIV test after 12 weeks. 
Your sexual activity category is low risk. 

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