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possible for chlamydia to return?

About a month ago I tested positive for Chlamydia and took the normal antibiotics. 2 weeks later, I came back to do a retest to make sure it was gone and the test results came back negative but it showed I still had an infection, I was given antibiotics for a normal bacterial infection as that was what I was told it was.
Now I still see white discharge in my vagina, more than when I first came in for Chlamydia treatment. Could this be the Chlamydia returning?
Please advise,

Thank you


Thanks you for your questions. Good you did a follow up check. The test will still be positive because it is reinfected or you are resistant with the antibiotic. To make sure you are not resistant with the medicine, it will be good if you do a resistant test. If it comes you are resistant with the medicine, doctor will give you a proper sensitive antibiotic to treat you. 
Hope this answer help you.

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