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STD test

Hello doc,
I have recently had intercourse with a couple of girls in Jakarta without wearing protection, silly I know. I am now worried that, although not showing any signs, I may have contracted some form of STD or sti. Having looked online I found it is best to be safe and get checked out as some std's can show no symptoms for quite some time and get worse over time. I also found online that your clinic is probably the best place to go for such a check up. I am a male and was wondering what cost I am looking at for a test and what the test will involve? Hope to hear back from you soon.


Responding your question about the cost for the test, it depends. What kind of STD test do want to do. What we have here is by withdraw your blood you could see whether you are infected with HIV or Syphilis and by taking sample from your penis you could see whether you are infected with Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. If you do all of the test it cost approx. Rp. 750.000,- exclude medicine if you need it.
Hope this will help you. Have a nice day.

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