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Hi there

Would like to thank you in advance for being accommodating and patient with my enquiry.

Anyway, my last unprotected sex with a commercial sex worker was in Sept 2015, and the last time I had protected sex was in July 2016.

I have done a SD Bioline Combo 4th gen test on the 9th of January this year, and a lab test using the Abbott-Architect Ag/Ab combo test. Both came out as negative.

Prior to that I had a complete blood count done was 7.7, 10^9/L.

I am still experiencing symptoms of lethargy (for 2 months now) and I think I have an ulcer on the underneath of my tongue. I am told it is symptoms of stress.

Would my tests be conclusive? I have read that false negatives can not only be attributed to people on ARTs or wrong window testing, but also in rare cases of people with advanced HIV infection. As the former two reasons are not applicable here, I am worried that it could be the latter.I was thinking that a viral load and CD4 test would provide conclusive evidence of any potential illness. Would appreciate it if you could provide some feedback on this.



Hi somebody, thank you for your question and appreciation 
If your last risk sexual activity is in September 2015, the test (rapid test SD bioline and viral load) result is conclusive. 
Feel weak, lethargy is not specific symptom of HIV. Low concentration of mineral, tiredness, stress can cause it too. 

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