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Window period, HIV and STD test

Dear Doctors,
I'm 28 y.o. female and I'd like to seek on your advice, my sexual activities is kind of active for the past four months. But the penetration were always done with condom, however, in the mid of July '16 I was slipped and let my partner ejaculated in my mouth. I wasnt so sure whether I had spitted out all of them or there were some of them that swallowed.
More or less 3weeks after, I started to get fever and I was told that I got thyphoid. 3 weeks after recovered from typhoid, my lymph node was swollen but the doctor couldnt find any infection in my mouth and after medicated, it was healed. However, in the same week, it was followed by sore throat and I am not sure if my lymph node is swollen again, but it hurts when I swallow. I am experiencing thrush on my tongue and yes, I do have history in easily having thrush in my mouth.
What I would like to know, when can I take the HIV test or other STD test? I was a bit freak out as I searched on the net about those illness and the sequences. I know that there is a window period for HIV, but is it possible for me to take test on other possible STDs during the window period and take the HIV test once the window period is passed?



Hello girl, sore throat is not caused only by HIV. There many bacteria, viruses, allergies that can cause same symptoms.
If your last sex activity more than 12 weeks, you can check STD status immediately. You can check other STD  at least 7 days after risk sex activity.

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