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AIP-EID Program – Veterinary Leaders Communications Training

The Australia Indonesia Partnership for Emerging Infectious Diseases (AIP-EID) is focused on the sustainable strengthening of Indonesia’s veterinary services to prevent, detect and control emerging and priority infectious diseases of animals. A need for heightened leadership capacity in the veterinary profession is realised in Indonesia. Both technical and non-technical skills in leadership, management and communications have been recognised as essential to enable veterinarians to promote animal animal health, public health, food safety and economic development and to be able to develop effective emergency disease preparedness and response.

An Indonesian Veterinary Leadership (IVL) course had been developed and a pilot course completed.  At this course it became apparent that communication skills were lacking in many of the participants and this weakness will limit the objective of strengthening the national veterinary services.  Communications is a key capability that needs to be developed in all national veterinary service managers within the Departemen Pertanian and dinas authorities, including the IVL training participants.

In responding to that need, a joint partnership between Angsamerah Institution, AIP-EID and the Ministry of Agriculture’s Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services and the Indonesian Agriculture Quarantine Agency was established which aimed to develop and deliver a series of training modules to strengthen communication skills to groups of middle managers within the national veterinary services.  The first series of training was compeleted in three phases in the period August – December 2014 with further courses for new groups were delivered in 2015.


Improved oral and written communication skills and meeting management of veterinary service staff


To develop communications skills of the Indonesian veterinary services by delivering a series of training modules

Course structure

The course had three modules covered for: 1) positive character building, 2) written and oral communication skills primarily on presentation and meeting management skills, and 2) project management


The training courses with supporting materials and resources was developed and delivered over the second part of 2014; further courses was held in 2015.  


The trainings were attended by senior and middle managers of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services and the Indonesian Agriculture Quarantine Agency.

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This project was managed by Ms. Adhe Zam Zam Prasasti, S.Psi

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