Dr. Alegra Wolter

Dr. Alegra Wolter, an insightful general practitioner, who is fluent in English and Indonesian, have a strong commitment in helping others to reach their full potential in life.

Dr. Wolter graduated from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia and finished her internship in 2019. During her work, she was exposed to a large number of cases, both in clinic and hospital settings. Being a young GP, she has shown passion to work with other professionals in multi-discipline sectors.

Dr. Wolter seeks to empower people, by dispelling the myths and stigmas around physical and mental illnesses. She believes that true holistic care, can only be achieved by personalized and empathetic approach. She is dedicated in listening, understanding, and addressing each patient concern. More importantly, she aspires to help her patients to lead better, happier, and healthier lives through therapy, support, and education.

In professional area, she has been working closely with individuals coming from various backgrounds. Her curiosity has brought her to her work with special populations (including: people living with HIV/AIDS, people with mental illnesses, sex workers, gender and sexual minorities). She was experienced in working with various programs/research projects dedicated to help these communities, both in clinical and non-clinical settings. She is well-aware that demographic and medical background can sometimes contribute so much to the quality of care they received.

In between her work and personal life, she is actively involved with various NGOs supporting mental health, human rights, and gender equality. She believes that her personal experience of adversities has brought her to resiliency and great empathy.

The love for clinical and research endeavors has brought her to Angsamerah Clinic. She is looking forward to make positive contributions and deliver her best care.

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