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Dr. Nurlan & Partners

Dr. Nurlan and Partners provide sustainable social business consulting services in healthcare industry. The consulting services include developing business ideas and client business plans, branding on both a personal and organizational level, developing healthcare business strategies, establishing healthcare laws and regulations, as well as transforming digitalization.

Are you a client of ours?

In that case, you qualify as one of our clients because you are:

  1. Individuals with a passion for developing social businesses in the healthcare industry.
  2. Organizations seeking to create sustainable CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs.
  3. Organizations/NGOs that are considering or have just launched a market-driven independent investment business to address social challenges.
  4. Organizations/NGOs on a national and international scale that require strategic knowledge and expertise in the creation and execution of sustainable social business initiatives.

Services offered by Dr. Nurlan and Partners include:

  1. Online and offline consultation
  2. Document review: concept and social business plan, program/project public heath development plan and report review
  3. Concept and social business investment plan development
  4. As a source of expertise
  5. Customized workshop/in-house training planning

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You can also contact us on WhatsApp or call us during clinic hours on +62 8111 368 364.