Dr. Nurlan Silitonga, M.Med.

Dr. Nurlan Silitonga is the Founder of Angsamerah Institution, she is a physician with proven skills in generating significant positive outcomes for herself and others. In particular she sees her role as a designer and a catalyst for better change in health sector. For individuals she positions himself as a guide – pathfinder for individuals who need professional to discuss career and social-entrepreneurship.

With working experience of over twenty five years in HIV, STIs, sexual health and primary health care service in various settings, government, prison, and private sector, she has learned that there are always ways to provide high quality and friendly healthcare service with affordable price for people.

She has stories of challenges experiences and successful results and strategies in managing complex situations in various settings; public health vs clinical, private vs public, profit vs nonprofit, urban vs rural, mining area and prison settings including her personal experience in founding and nurturing her own company, Angsamerah Institution.

For ten years, she worked as an advisor for the AusAid project for HIV program in Indonesia. In 2012 the HIV program in prison settings in Indonesia was acknowledged as an example of best practice in Asia, and she is one of the key persons who has contributed to this success. In April 2013, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Mr Amir Syamsuddin awarded the Certification of Appreciation to Dr. Nurlan Silitonga for her dedication and its great contribution on HIV program in Correctional Department, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia.

In 2013, Dr. Nurlan received an award from Mr Amir Syamsuddin, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia

In May 2014, Dr. Nurlan was selected as one of the participants of the Global Ambassadors Program in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to meet women business leaders from around the globe, to spur women’s leadership and economic advancement. In this program, the vision, missions and the upcoming goals of Angsamerah Institution were presented and discussed exclusively within these experienced women, which led to valuable strategic inputs and technical supports.

In 2014, Dr. Nurlan with Ms Ibukun Awosika, a Nigerian business magnate, author and motivational speaker. She currently serves as Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria

Through out the years of her working experiences she has developed a unique practical skill on mentoring methodology for assisting other professionals to be successful and become themselves great mentors. She has learned that professionals with skill as a great mentor are the one who have better abilities to multiply their success effectively.

With support from the trusted and reliable team, she manages Angsamerah as well coaching/mentoring her team and others about innovative thinking, strategic actions, and mentoring skills including knowledge of practical skills about social-entrepreneurship.

She uses Angsamerah as her incubator for creating many success stories, and she would do her best with her team and its network that Angsamerah can help more professionals to make their dreams come true. Seeing other people happy makes her happy, and helping someone succeed is what makes Dr. Nurlan feels her life is meaningful.

She is an extraordinary woman, other than as a worker and leader, she also understands the experiences of struggles of living with cancers, she is a motivator who continues to learn and share inspiring knowledge on how to love life, to give love and how to work smart in finding solutions.

Dr. Nurlan loves teamwork and focuses on producing concrete and meaningful results. With Angsamerah’s current capacity, she provides consulting services for Dr. Nurlan and Partners for expertise in the field of sustainable social business. The consultation includes the creation of business concepts and business plans, personal and organizational branding, developing healthcare business strategies, knowledge and understanding the laws and regulations in healthcare system in Indonesia, as well as transforming digitalization.

…dalam susah dan senang hari ini, yuk kita nikmati“ bisik Dr. Nurlan.

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