George Alain

A journey through a phase of changes in life is often perceived as a rocky road. These changes force us to go through with heavy burdens when we carry all alone. But if we had a companion to the journey, it would ease us passing through the tunnel of change with great hope.

For this reason, a friend support might be helpful as the companion in your journey to share, discuss or even just an ear to listen to you burdens. George is here as part of the Angsamerah Buddy Support Group who is ready to be a traveling companion through the changing phase of your life.

Armed with his experience in various social activities (ICAAP Conference, IBCA, other social organizations and also as a Speaker in several webinars), George is very passionate and has lots of social experiences to share, or even just for a chit-chat with you.

He has also equipped himself as a Professional Life Coach with the Conversant Associate Coach certification program from the Coaching Mentoring Institute, making him a person who can be a companionship on going through your life-changing tunnel.

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