Dr. Gina Anindyajati, Sp.KJ

Gina is a young psychiatrist who has an expert in clinical problems related to maternal mental health, psychosexuality, marital and family problems, and psychiatric disorders experienced by young people in urban settings. Gina’s interest is not only in the clinical field, she is also active in various mental health development efforts in the community, through various activities in professional and non-profit organizations.

To become a psychiatrist, Gina first completed her general medical education at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. Then he continued his education as a psychiatrist at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia and graduated cum laude. Apart from practicing at the Angsamerah Clinic, Gina is a clinical educator at the KSM Mental Health RSCM / Department of Psychiatry, FKUI to date.Gina started her career in Angsamerah in 2013 as a general practitioner, and moved to practice as a specialist in psychiatry in 2017.

During her time at Angsamerah, Gina continued to hone her skills by participating in various trainings at home and abroad on topics related to mental health issues at pregnant and childbirth mothers, sexual health, partner welfare, mental health problems in young age groups, and services for HIV cases. He has shared a lot of his understanding of mental health in international and national scientific forums, also through various public education activities.

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