Dr. Hendra Gunawan, Sp.PD

Hendra Gunawan, MD, as an general internist, is interested in various health issues that have a long-term impact on various aspects of life such as social issues, nutrition, and others.

Graduated as General Practitioner from Airlangga University in 2010, Hendra has worked in various health facilities, from primary health centers, hospitals, to private clinics in various places in Indonesia. From the experiences, that have been obtained until 2014, he has been enriched to see health problems from different point of views and comprehensively without any stigma.

Aside from being a internal medicine specialist, Hendra also has an interest in various health studies, medical research, even until now active in various studies and research in the health sector, and also in supporting Angsamerah’s vision to create comprehensive health services without stigma. At the moment Hendra is actively providing technical assistances in various program activities in Angsamerah such as; the operational of DR2DR teleconsultation program, reviewing draft collaborative research proposals, assisting the team of Angsamerah physicians in updating the Angsamerah’s medical Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) documents as well providing clinical assistances for the general practitioners in Angsamerah and other physicians (GPs or/and specialists) from other facilities who need second opinion.

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