Dr. Lamsaria Siburian, MARS

She is the sweet and compassionate Medical Director/ General Practitioner at Klinik Yayasan Angsamerah. Her employment with Angsamerah was initiated in 2010, prior to the establishment of the first Angsamerah clinic at Blora Menteng. As Medical Director it is Dr. Lamsaria’s duty to coordinate, execute and control the services at Klinik Yayasan Angsamerah, as well as to see to patients.

To her role Dr. Lamsaria brings an abundance of experience and knowledge, gained through her education at Christian Indonesian University (Bachelor of General Medicine, in the Medical Faculty) and Universitas of Indonesia (Masters of Hospital Administration Studies, in the Public Health Faculty). To add to this Dr. Lamsaria has had involvements working as a General Practitioner at numerous well established public and private hospitals as well as being employed as physicians, reviewer for medical articles, skills trainer and supervisor of students/interns and residencies.

Dr. Lamsaria’s personal achievements are; her ability to provide excellent service to patients using Angsamerah’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and medical ethics; and her role played in the initiation, set up, operations and maintenance of the medical quality control. Also she has important role in reviewing the Angsamerah’s medical articles. Her well versed knowledge and input has assisted both of the Angsamerah clinics to thrive and prosper over the years.

For Dr. Lamsaria it is important that Angsamerah is identified as a unique, innovative, comfortable clinic which operates with a personal approach and is a judgement free environment. While working with Angsamerah, Dr. Lamsaria strives to achieve personal betterment and to help others do the same. She sees a bright future for the clinic, but hopes that looking forward it will continue to grow and amplify its success while maintaining its good quality.

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