Nadya Joan Sinda

The technological advances simplify the spread of information in the society, thus opening up opportunities for anyone to be able to access and provide education about various things. Nadya Joan sees this opportunity as the right time to work and be an inspiration to others.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at Kalbis Institute Jakarta, Joan began to be active in the media and creative industries, especially radio broadcasting and event organizing. Her passion in socializing and learning new things has further honed her public speaking skills and foreign language skills ​​(English & French).

Her experience at several private radio stations is not limited to sound/voice production, but also includes scriptwriting and other creative ideas, including social media. Joan often writes lifestyle & health articles on the official blogs of several radio stations as well as being a social media officer. In addition, she is often involved in organizing cultural arts festivals such as several international film festivals and international literacy festivals in Jakarta.

Even at a young age, Joan has the desire to be able to contribute to the movement in society. Currently, she is a volunteer to organize social media of the 100% Human Film and Arts Festival which provides educational information through film and art media about diversity and equality of human rights. Not only that, some of Joan’s writings related to Kacapikir webinars can also be read on the official Angsamerah blog.

Joan believes that writing is very important, because writing is a way for us to “speak out” and bring the change for a better life.

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