Dr. Ratna Mardiati, Sp.KJ (K)

Dr. Ratna is a psychiatrist with primary areas of expertise on narcotics-substances addiction, HIV and relationship. She has intensive experiences as a clinician working in various settings in the government and private sector, as well experiences in managing Government Psychiatric Hospital and The Drug Dependence Hospital.

Apart as a clinician, she has wide experiences working for the International and national public health program related to the narcotic substances abuses and HIV Program in Indonesia as well her role as the International expert in Asia, working together with the team from UN and established International institutions and International Donors.

Dr. Ratna has more than thirty years experiences as a lecturer for private and public Universities focusing on psychiatric areas such as; psychology of abnormality; psychotherapy and biology for psychology students in Faculty of Psychology and Medical Faculty. Link to her work as a lecturer, she has expanded her skill as an International and National Master Trainer for The Training of Trainer related to Addiction, and HIV Counseling and Testing.

For the last five years, Dr. Ratna has provided assistances for scaling up and intensifying the HIV Program in prison settings in Indonesia, by expanding the HIV program to link into the mental health illness, narcotic-substances addiction therapy, alcohol and smoking. In five years the program has been recognized by UNAIDS as an example of best practice HIV Program in Asia, and she is one of the team members who contributed to this success.

Since the last three years, Dr. Ratna has been working as the adviser for Angsamerah Institution for the public health program, as well as the referral psychiatrist for our clients in Angsamerah Clinic.

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