Social Business Concept

Go ahead and start your sosial business concept draft. Feel free to answer the range of questions provided below. You don't have to do them in order, you may start from anywhere. Your answers will be sent to your e-mail. The confidentiality of all your information will be secured.

1. What problems have you noticed that are currently bothering you? Feel free to write down as many points as possible.

Later you can group and sort their priorities based on the order of how urgent and important they are.

2. From the list of problems, let's dig deep into the source of the problem. What are the causative factors?

Dig back into the source of the problem in detail

3. From the list of problems above, which do you want to focus on to solve?

Remember to be realistic and that not all problems can be solved at once. Get used to being patient and diligent. Do it step by step. Do not rush.

4. What solutions can you easily offer/work on independently, or if possible with other friends or partners?

5. What is the uniqueness of the solution/product/service that your social enterprise concept offers?

6. Who are the potential partners of the solutions /products/services that you offer?

Why do you choose them? Individuals, government organizations, or private organizations?

7. What are the benefits for potential partners from the solutions /products/services that you offer?

Benefits for Individuals, government organizations, or private organizations?

8. Target market. Who will need and buy your products/services?

9. What kinds of needs can you handle through your solutions/products/services?

10. Who are the main targets who will use/receive/be interested in the solutions /products/services offered? Where are they?

Or which specific group would you like to target?

11. Where is the Main Target Market Location/Domicile? How do you reach them?

12. Is there any similar solutions /products/services that have already been made by other parties?

13. If YES, Is this business still running or stopped?

14. What distinguishes the concept that you offer from existing ones?

15. How does it affect your product/service business?

16. What activities are needed in order to provide the product/service?

17. What resources are needed to carry out these activities?

18. How much is the estimated cost required to make the product/service?

19. How many funds do you already have to support this business?

If you only have part of it, what are your friends' plans to make it happen?

20. What is the approximate selling price of the products/services that you offer?

21. What strengths do you have to make this product/service operate and be successful?

22. What weaknesses do you have? How can you overcome these weaknesses?

23. What challenges from outside and from within can influence the success of the products/services that you offer?

24. Who are the key partners, both individuals/private organizations (commercial and foundation), and the government, which according to you can help with funding and or become partners?

What types of expertise and their contributions are available?

25. Is this purely a new business concept or is it a concept aimed at expanding/expansion/plans to add types of products/services from an existing business?

26. What is your reason for making this new business concept?

27. What is the relationship between existing products and services and your concept for new types of products/services?

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