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The distribution of productive young people in big cities, including Depok, is vast and diverse. They are dynamic, innovative, and diverse in the demanding world of work that requires people to work smartly. In order to work smartly, they need a strong basic need, which is good health in meeting their sexual needs.

What exactly are productive young people looking for in sexual and reproductive health services? In their minds, they imagine a comfortable service that doesn’t cause embarrassment or fear to discuss issues related to sexual and reproductive health. It should be confidential, free from stigma and discrimination, non-judgmental, and provided professionally.

Dr. Lamsaria Siburian’s Private Practice, MARS, is a healthcare facility that provides sexual and reproductive health services that meet the expectations of the young people mentioned above. This private practice is in partnership with Klinik Angsamerah, allowing patients to access a variety of primary service-based products they need, such as; HIV screening, sexually transmitted infection screening, pap smear, and anal smear, vaccinations (hepatitis B, HPV, pneumo 12/23), antiretroviral therapy (ART), fertility examinations for men and women, including family planning services.

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Interestingly, these service packages are available at affordable costs, tailored to the needs of customers in the Depok area. For example, there are packages for HIV and HIV Combo services, conventional pap smear and LBC packages, Rapid IMS 4 package, PCR IMS 11 package, PCR CT/NG package, and syphilis diagnosis package.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on these attractive service packages. Caring about your own sexual and reproductive health means caring about your future!

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