Global Health Solidarity in the G20

There are 65 countries along with more than 280 civic organizations from around the world are members of C20. One of them is the Angsamerah Foundation represented by its Chairperson, Kurnia Dwijayanto. Through the Vaccine Access and Global Health working group coordinated by C20 for this year’s G20, Kurnia Dwijayanto was involved in the activity process which began in March 2022. The aim was to contribute to the preparation of a policy package related to global health issues.

Engagement Group C20 was held in a hybrid format: online and offline. Participants were divided into several working groups with Vaccine Access and Global Health, Taxation and Sustainable Finance, Anti-Corruption, Education, Digitalization and Civic Space, Environment, Climate Justice and Energy Transition, Gender Equality, to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Humanitarian activities.

The Vaccine Access and Global Health working group focuses on health issues on the following points:

The Expected Deliverables of the C20 members for the G20 Presidential Summit are as follows:

Health was one of the main points discussed at the 2022 G20 meeting. The Covid-19 pandemic three years ago and the spread of monkeypox in 2022, resulted in many changes and shifts, which not only impacted health issues but also impacted economic issues, global resilience, food, education, to a decrease in global investment movements.

Apart from participating in the Vaccine Access and Global Health C20 working group, Kurnia was also present in other working groups: Education, Digitalization and Civic Space, Gender Equality, to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Humanitarian, which is one of the main focuses in developing the Angsamerah advocacy value program. Kurnia was also involved in engagement groups at B20, Y20, to T20, through networking and coordination in Nusa Dua, Bali.

Some of the main focuses that are the same in different engagement groups are Transparency and Accountability, Sustainable Economy, Equality, and Inclusivity. These make up a large part of the Global Architecture under development.

Based on the obstacles and threats experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the global government (and society) needs a structured and directed system for mass policy making. Not only focusing on involving the government, B20 also presents the business sector in making decisions. Y20 and T20 get new ideas from the young and creative generation, in order to provide more diverse and creative ideas, during a period of digital development which is considered quite massive. Society and civil organizations through C20 get aspirational space to provide various solutive ideas and are rooted in problems that occur in the field.

In the journey, it needs quite complicated and complex process stages, because the policies taken will be used globally, both by the G20 countries themselves and in the process of adapting other global policies.


Translated by: Nadya Joan Sinda

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