Heartpreneur Festival 2019

The Heartpreneur Festival, a unique extraordinary festival, combines the three important elements namely health, art and entrepreneurship, packaged as serial activities to disseminate health information educatedly, attractively and not usual. The word Heartpreneur is made by combining the three words of Health, Art, and Entrepreneurship to reflect the connectivity of these three elements. This festival is specifically designed to be the pride of the Indonesian people, in representing Indonesia and the people, that are concerns about issues health, art and entrepreneurship. The Heartpreneur festival is planned to be held annually.

Why health?

There is a need for people in Indonesia to have better quality and access of comprehensive and friendly client-oriented healthcare services. Efforts to meet these needs have been done by government of Indonesia and various parties, and committed to continue to be improved. The efforts of this process improvement are a homework that must be addressed jointly by the government, private sector and society in Indonesia.

Through this festival the current crucial health issues will be delivered strategically through a series of talk shows, seminars and workshops, and engaging various relevant and competent parties to participate in these serial events, as well ensuring all these events have connectivity.

Health issues related to sexual and reproductive health, communicable diseases, mental health, and healthy lifestyle behaviors, as well as the existence of benefits and its challenges related to primary health care services in the private sector will be the main health topics in this festival.

Why art?

Refer to the scientific literature reviews, it shows that there are clear indications about the connection between art and health. Research studies demonstrate that the artistic engagement has significantly positive effects on health.  It is hoped by engaging the artistic point of view in this festival would bring up the positive vibe in stimulating and channeling the creativity and innovative thinking, in particular related to healthcare in Indonesia.


Why entrepreneurship?

The entrepreneurship has also been brought up in this festival for several reasons. It is clear that the entrepreneurships have important role in the economic development of a country, and the Indonesian government has committed to expand the entrepreneurship development in the country. This festival aims to support this mission with primarily goal focusing on entrepreneurship in healthcare, with a purpose that value and education of information about this knowledge will spread widely, and hoping there are many Indonesian people who are interested in improving healthcare services and its system would be exposed to entrepreneurship skill.

The festival will show the benefits and the examples of success stories of social entrepreneurship models that show positive solutions in responding to the healthcare in Indonesia, in particular solutions that are related to the ability in mobilizing the limited resources to create innovative and sustainable solutions.

What are the outputs from the Heartpreneur Festival?

Significant number of societies will be exposed and inspired about adapting and promoting the healthy lifestyle, as well stimulates number of professionals from various background to participate in the improvement of healthcare and its system in Indonesia.

Bridging the gap of expectations between the public, health workers, health providers and the government in relation to health services and the systems.

Participants will enjoy the positive nuance environments which stimulates their creativity and innovative thinking.

Young generation of Millennials are the main target of this festival, as this generation is the next generation of people who will become the actors of state development, that their contribution of creative ideas that are translated into movements or actions will affect society positively.

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