Practical Ways to Write Social Business Concepts

Do you have an idea for a solution to address a problem that is of concern in society? If the idea is still running around in your mind or just stops in your mouth, just moving around as a topic of discussion, oof, too bad! We’d better keep it permanently in a written file that we can check on whenever we need. Now is the time for us to move forward by writing down your idea for a business concept!

Why must your ideas be put down in written form?

“Writing” (no longer just talking about it) the concept of a business helps to sharpen and bring your ideas closer to realization in the real world. Your concept is no longer a discourse or wishful thinking in the air. The concept has now moved forward into something more real.

It may seem a little complicated at first. There can be many reasons that prevent us from starting to write. The writing process might get canceled in the beginning or even be stopped in the middle. You may feel the same as the expressions below:

“Ah, I don’t think I can write.”

“Where would I even start and what would I write about?”

“It seems really hard.”

“Sorry, I really don’t have time!”

“I’m not in the mood.”

If the reason is because you’ve lost your “mood” or simply laziness, it means that you need to look for other reasons that can motivate a change in mood that becomes the emergence of enthusiasm for writing. If the reason is because there is no time for the matter, it means that you need to reflect again on your order of priorities. Perhaps there are other things that you should prioritize instead of writing down the ideas that you think of. If so, that’s okay.

So, what should you do when you are really interested in writing down your ideas but you feel as if you cannot write?

Ah! That’s easy. Just continue reading this article, OK? I’ll provide guidance so that you can start writing and finish easily. The important thing is to just start first! It’s okay if you feel unsatisfied with what you’ve written. All business concepts start out as rough doodles. It will require the next process to be implemented to allow your business concept to become a detailed and intelligent business plan—meaning specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and has a target deadline.

This article will be useful for you when creating a business concept that prioritizes solving social problems in the community. Of course with independent initiatives, whether that be from the community as individuals, groups or organizations, without expecting government funds, donor organizations, companies and other people.

I believe in the concept of valued social enterprise. This means that the business can actually help solve problems in society and appeals to a person/group, commercial organization, non-profit organization, to help. Support from external parties can be in the form of funding grants, donations, or non-financial partnerships.

Initiative actions of self-reliance in the community like this really help quickly to break down various forms of inequality in society. I believe this with all my heart, what about you?

It’s fine if we focus on funds and programs from the government. Understanding, of course, that this process tends to be long and complicated, because it has to go through all the bureaucratic mechanisms, with the possibility of being rejected in the end. Rejection often makes us feel extremely frustrated. This effect is really bad. Can you imagine if the rejection was repeated… It will definitely lower our spirits, which in the end tends to be the cause of us giving up.

I believe that if the initiative for an independent social enterprise concept is realized to have an impact, then it is very likely that it will receive attention and support from the government and possibly partners from the private sector, solely with the aim of making it even bigger.

As a reminder, before you start to write, here are the key points regarding the business concept document:

1. Writing down the business concept is part of a series of processes to turn abstract ideas into real actions. Once there is a written document, more actions are definitely necessary.

2. No business concept is perfect. Give up all desire for perfection. The most important thing is to start writing down your ideas.

3. The main business concept is for your benefit, and not for the benefit of others. With a business concept, your ideas become more realisable.

4. The concept writing must go through a revision process, for sharpening and correction, for accuracy.

5. Writing down the business concept can be for the purposes of an individual, group and organizational needs, but it is yourself who is in charge of writing.

6. The business concept document will make it easier for you to write a more detailed business plan.

7. It is important to discuss this written concept with a trusted friend. Even better if the person is competent and has business experience, especially in the social field. It would be even better if that person opens up opportunities to support your concept.

Oh yes, these practical tips can also be useful for you who have already started and maybe currently thinking about expanding or developing new products/services.

When doing the initial writing we do not need to get hung up on grammar. Try to answer and write as best you can. Just do it casually. Later there will be the next process, where you will have the opportunity to review, then revise the content and grammar, and finally be able to enhance the appearance of the format — this one isn’t really that important 😊.

Ready to write? Okay, now let’s start! Click Writing Your Social Business Concept, you can immediately generate a draft of your social business concept..

Happy writing, my friend.

If later you need an expert partner to discuss the concept of your social business ideas, just contact Dr. Nurlan & Partners.

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