Adhe Zam Zam Prasasti, S.Psi.

Mrs Adhe is a certified clinical psychologist, and with specialty on human resources development focusing on soft skills and character building. She has extensive experiences more than 10 years in program development working with the government and non-governmental institutions; local and International institutions, with specific technical expertise focusing on HIV and AIDS related to area of counseling and HIV testing, harm reduction, care support treatment, and STIs.

For five years (2008 to 2013), she worked as National Technical Officer for HIV Cooperation Program for Indonesia (HCPI), supported by AusAid funding to setting up the HIV Program in Prison settings. In 2012 the HIV Program in prisons setting in Indonesia has been acknowledged by UNAIDS and National AIDS Commission as the best practice model HIV program development in prison settings in Asia, and Ms Adhe was one of the key people who contributed to this achievement.

Through years of her working experiences in various settings, Ms Adhe has been able to advance her expertise as a trainer and mentor in providing guidance toward an effective and efficient various program or project activities related to training, mentoring, strategic thinking of concept and implementation and program development.

To date, Ms Adhe is working independently as senior trainer, consultant as well providing psychology consultation. Services that she provides:

  • Counseling to teenagers, adults, and elders.
  • Psychology hypnosis session.
  • Consultant for Ministry of Justice and Human Right for program planning and budgeting.
  • Training and to motivate hundreds of university students who are prepared for the final step into the world of work in soft skills training and character development.
  • Training for the head of staff at Government Institutions and companies, to help improve their performance and management skills.
  • Technical Assistances on HIV testing and counseling under the Ministry of Health, RI.
  • Training for teachers from various educational institutions to develop their abilities as a reliable teacher and trainer.
  • Technical expertise for program development on HIV and AIDS and drug Indonesian government cooperation with Australia.
  • Technical expertise in communications training, leadership, motivation, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, mentoring and coaching to medical personnel in hospitals and clinics throughout Indonesia as well as for the staff of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice and Human Right, Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the TNI.
  • Assessment for psychological tests and interviews in staff recruitment and promotion in the Regional Banks in Indonesia. at the Psychology Bureau and Human Resource Development.

In Angsamerah Institution, Ms Adhe is responsible as the Project Manager for the a-CORE Program, as well one of the technical experts for Angsamerah’s project consultation. In 2014, she was responsible as the Project Manager for Angsamerah partnership with UNFPA to set up Unala program, an UNFPA’s initiative to provide a friendly sexual and reproductive services for youth in primary health care level in private sector.

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