Dr. Anindhita Soekowati

dr. Nindhi, born Anindhita Kusuma Dyah Putri Soekowati, is a general practitioner who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Indonesia (FKUI). Driven by a dream to serve women through sexual and reproductive health from an anthropological perspective, her aspirations are deeply personal, as Nindhi is also a survivor of sexual abuse.

Having experienced such trauma firsthand, Nindhi truly understands the profound wounds of sexual abuse victims. Writing became a vital outlet for her to express her emotions, both in literary and journalistic forms. The more she wrote and read, the stronger her passion grew for advocating women’s rights and health.

Since 2017, Nindhi has been a vocal advocate against sexual abuse, including her involvement in a child rape case in East Java in 2022. In 2020, she authored a series of articles on health, focusing on female figures. These writings encouraged many women readers to share their own health struggles. Her work led to her role to write for FKUI’s digital media.

Beyond sexual and reproductive health, Nindhi is also skilled in psychiatry. In 2023, she received an offer of a return recommendation to become a specialist in psychiatry at a government-owned hospital.

Grounded in her care and affection for women, Nindhi aspires to be a warm, solution-oriented friend and listener at Angsamerah. She hopes to create an impact on the health and well-being of women and others in need.

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