Dr. Astrid Feliciany Seikka, MPH

A lovely and bubbly person, Dr. Astrid has a passion to improve the health and wellbeing of all kinds of people without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or marital status. She obtained her Medical Degree from Trisakti University in 2011 and thereafter has been working at various health centers, both in rural and urban areas. In 2015, Dr. Astrid was granted Australia Awards Scholarship from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and was awarded as Outstanding Student during the Pre-Departure Training. She was accepted into University of Melbourne in which she studied Public Health with a focus in Gender and Women’s Health and also Sexual and Reproductive Health.

During her time in Australia, she established a connection with people from various backgrounds. This experience enables her to view sexuality and relationships from several different perspectives. In addition, Dr. Astrid possesses a mindset that mental wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing. With this mindset, she studied more about mental health and then obtained a qualification as a Mental Health First Aider in 2016. She graduated with a Master of Public Health Degree from University of Melbourne in 2017 and then came back to Indonesia. Her passion about sexual and reproductive health has led her to find Angsamerah and she was very happy to be a part of an institution, which strives to provide sexual and reproductive health services to people without any judgement.

In addition to work as a Clinician at Angsamerah, Dr. Astrid is also responsible for managing Angsamerah Clinics, providing expertise in Public Health issues, providing assistances to research activities and public health projects in Angsamerah, and writing and editing articles for Angsamerah blog and answering online consultation on Question & Answer section in the Angsamerah’s blog.

Dr. Astrid is eagerly supporting Angsamerah vision to create an environment in Indonesia, in which everyone is free to express their sexuality without being stigmatized by society, in addition to empower them to take responsibility for their sexual and reproductive health. Furthermore, Dr. Astrid has a desire to educate people about sexual and reproductive health in order to decrease the prevalence of Sexual Transmitted Infections, teenage pregnancy and unsafe abortion. In order to made sexual and reproductive health services accessible to everyone, Dr. Astrid thinks that primary health care providers as the front- liners should be well-informed and well-trained in sexual and reproductive health. Therefore, she wishes to achieve these goals through working together with Angsamerah.

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