Kurnia Dwijayanto

Starting with his work experience at a multi-national shipping company in Jakarta, to foreign embassies, even reaching the creative industries – design and photography. Bina Nusantara graduates with dual degree in economics and computer, continue to develop himself, and now Kurnia is one of the experts at Angsamerah in the field of socio-marketing-entrepreneurship, specifically contribute in the utilization of IT, Database applications, Social Media developing and updating Angsamerah Promotion, Marketing to Product Strategy, including Comprehensive Recording & Reporting System integrated in medical (intersectional program), finance, and HRD. Keep developing himself, Kurnia taking the resposnibilities as Director of the Angsamerah Foundation which also known as Yayasan Anak Bangsa Merajut Harapan.

In his activities as a volunteer of human rights, currently Kurnia is also Director of Yayasan Bhinneka Cipta Setara, through 100%Human Film and Art Festival providing educational information through film and art on the diversity and equality of human rights.

Taciturn, tend to be shy, with his understanding for other language for English and Japanese, does not limit his friendship association in his social relationships within the community. With his interest in creative arts and Languages, helping him in expanding the scope of his socialization towards the community. The combination of computerized science – economics – and creative arts, is expected in bringing good – unusual changes.

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