Kurnia Dwijayanto

With a non-traditional background in the medical and health sectors, Kurnia Dwijayanto courageously embarked on a mission to enhance public health services with Angsamerah. Drawing from a diverse array of professional experiences spanning various business sectors, Kurnia has actively volunteered for human rights causes, advocating for minority groups, individuals affected by HIV & AIDS, and women and children. His fervor and dedication are deeply rooted in advancing business concepts that inherently prioritize social impact.

Kurnia’s journey began with roles at a multinational shipping company in Jakarta before transitioning to diplomatic service at a foreign embassy, and eventually exploring the creative spheres of design and photography. A graduate of Bina Nusantara with dual degrees in economics and computers, Kurnia remains steadfast in his pursuit of continuous self-improvement. Presently, Kurnia serves as an esteemed expert at Angsamerah, specializing in socio-marketing-entrepreneurship. He excels in leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including IT, database applications, and social media, to craft and refine promotion strategies, marketing services, and Angsamerah’s product portfolio. Notably, Kurnia has spearheaded the development of an integrated Comprehensive Recording & Reporting System, encompassing medical, financial, and HRD domains.

Motivated by a profound interest in sociopreneurship, Kurnia endeavors to merge entrepreneurial endeavors with social impact, aiming to address critical societal challenges while fostering sustainable business practices. His approach integrates business acumen with a strong commitment to social responsibility, pioneering innovative solutions that generate economic value while positively impacting community welfare. Through Angsamerah’s socio-marketing-entrepreneurship initiatives, Kurnia aims to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to prioritize social impact alongside financial success.

Despite his reserved demeanor, Kurnia is adept at fostering social interactions and friendships within society, facilitated by his proficiency in foreign languages such as English and Japanese. Complementing his professional endeavors, Kurnia actively engages as a human rights volunteer and currently holds the esteemed position of Chair of the Management Board at the Bhinneka Cipta Setara Foundation. Through initiatives like the 100% Human Film and Arts Festival, Kurnia endeavors to disseminate educational information on diversity and equality of human rights through film and art media. Driven by a passion for creative arts and languages, Kurnia continually broadens the scope of his social engagements, striving to catalyze positive and unconventional changes at the intersection of computer science, economics, and art.

Furthermore, Kurnia takes pride in his involvement in a successful initiative at Angsamerah that aimed to increase community engagement for women with HIV who are using drugs, as part of the UNODC Program in 2018 across 14 provinces in Indonesia. This accomplishment not only enhanced the visibility of our organization but also facilitated extensive outreach and awareness regarding critical healthcare initiatives within underserved communities of women with HIV. In 2019, in collaboration with Project Hope, Kurnia and the Angsamerah team led a training program focused on psychosocial support for residents of Palu affected by disaster, emphasizing community empowerment through skills enhancement of Integrated Service Post cadres, including Poswindu cadres and voluntary civilian participants.

Amidst the onset of the Covid pandemic, Kurnia developed an online consultation system and initiated a new program under Angsamerah POS, known as Health CheckPoint, to provide free HIV testing to communities. Since its inception in 2020, this program has reached over 10,000 individuals and continues to offer free ART services to community members in need. KACAPIKIR, an educational platform, was also developed during Kurnia’s tenure as the head of the Angsamerah foundation, furthering educational initiatives. Moreover, Kurnia made significant contributions to the national and international arena by participating in the G20 through C20 when it was hosted in Indonesia in 2022.

Most recently, in 2023, Kurnia and the Angsamerah team played a pivotal role in assisting the Indonesian government in establishing additional HIV services in the private sector through collaboration with IQVIA, spanning 20 private hospitals.

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