Angsamerah POS – Integrated Comprehensive Health Care Services

Angsamerah POS (AngPos) stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a ground-breaking approach to HIV testing. Developed by Angsamerah, this initiative aims to revolutionize the accessibility and affordability of HIV testing, ultimately driving early detection and prompt initiation of antiretroviral treatment (ARV).

By targeting the millennial demographic aged 19-35, Angsamerah POS addresses a critical need within communities where the risk of HIV transmission is notably high.

As a healthcare provider, Angsamerah Foundation and Enterprise manage integrated healthcare services through; clinics, healthcare check-point, in partnership with community groups/organizations, and government public health program/services. The services are carried out by professional health workers and/or certified counsellors to trained peer educators by the communities, as part of the holistic healthcare services.

The Healthcare Check-point (HCP) is focussing on fast, simple, and specific screening to psychosocial support, diagnostic and treatment services, while the clinic is responsible for the referral from HCP services, and ensuring the quality of the HCP services, community engagement, and align with national public health program and policy.

At the moment, there are still gaps open within society and marginalized communities to access comprehensive HIV testing and diagnostic services. We have witnessed that the current integrated health care service that is funded by AHF since 2020, has brought a positive impact on the marginal community to have better access to early HIV testing, and prompt treatment as psychological support from peers and trained healthcare workers.

Breaking barriers to testing

In communities with elevated HIV transmission rates, early detection is paramount to disrupting the chain of transmission. Angsamerah POS eliminates common barriers to testing, empowering individuals to take control of their health proactively. From concerns about confidentiality to fears of a positive result, Angsamerah POS provides a welcoming and stigma-free environment, encouraging individuals to prioritize their well-being without hesitation.

Empowerment through education

Beyond HIV testing, Angsamerah POS offers a comprehensive suite of rapid diagnostic tests, including blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid tests, accompanied by professional medical consultations. Each interaction is characterized by warmth, expertise, and a commitment to respecting clients’ privacy.

Moreover, Angsamerah extends its reach through educational sessions conducted in collaboration with peer groups and community organizations, fostering awareness and empowerment among clients.

A collaborative endeavor with Public-Private-Community Partnership

The success of Angsamerah POS is made possible through a collaborative effort. Supported by government-provided HIV testing reagents, dedicated community volunteers, and funding from Angsamerah Foundation.

This initiative thrives on a multifaceted approach to sustainability. Additionally, clients’ contributions through service purchases and donations from Angsamerah’s network of supporters further bolster the program’s impact, ensuring its continued operation and expansion.

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