Rinda A’anisah, M.Psi., Psikolog

Rinda A’anisah is an adult clinical psychologist who graduated with honors from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Indonesia in 2024. Her interest in health psychology and her desire to help others led her to join the Angsamerah Team.

With two years of experience practicing in clinical psychology, Rinda has dealt with various complaints related to anxiety, depression, self- esteem, family and romantic relationship issues, as well as work-related issues such as career choices and burnout. Rinda’s practice experience in various settings has accustomed her to meet clients from early adulthood to middle age. She also has experience in direct discussions with PLHIV (People Living With HIV), which has deepened her understanding of the various challenges faced by this population.

Currently, Rinda is actively practicing as an adult clinical psychologist in several psychology offices and is involved in mental health-related research. She has also published her article entitled “Self-Compassion and Eating Disorder Symptoms: The Role of Psychological Inflexibility as a Mediator” in 2023.

Rinda believes that everyone has their own potential and strengths, so the path to positive development can be pursued through oneself. This process certainly involves an attitude of love and acceptance towards oneself. For her, the hope for a prosperous life—both physically and mentally—is always there for everyone. With Rinda, you will explore yourself and your life deeply, rediscover the meaning of life and self-awareness, and find new perspectives that can help you reach your personal resurgence.

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