Dr. Syahadah Siregar, MARS

Dr. Syahadah Siregar is a general practitioner, graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Christian University.

She has master degree in Administration Hospital. She has over 20 years of working experiences, in particular in the management, primarily in setting up and managing various types of health providers, both in the private or government sectors, such as health centers, clinics and hospitals, and the Special Hospitals.

Dr. Syahadah sees hospital as a unique institution where managing human resources in this setting is very important and need special care. Managing a hospital is almost the same as managing a hotel or resort, the difference is that the clients are sick people who need special care for both physically and psychologically. Though it looks similar however, to manage a hospital to becoming a healthy insitution is quite a complex task, especially the special hospital. Nonetheless, Dr. Syahadah loves this work as a healthy hospital will bring more good not only to the patients but also to the staff who work in the hospital.

Through the years of her works, she has involved in providing technical assistance related to the women, children and adolescents health issues. From 2011 to 2012, she has worked in Lampung to build and manage hospitals Mother and Child (RSIA), first its kind in the city of Bandar Lampung with a goal to be the best Mother and Child Hospital.

Dr. Syahadah is always keen to share her knowledge and experiences with others, because according to her, sharing will enrich the capacity of everyone to grow. Now, Dr. Syahadah has continued persuing her Ph.D on Public Administration at Utara Malaysia University (UUM).

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