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Throughout the journey of life, human beings will never be separated from problems. We are often faced with situations and circumstances that we don’t expect and are beyond our control. The way each person responds to problems is different, depending on the personality of each individual. Some choose to share it with those closest to them, some choose to remain silent and keep it to themselves.

Studies have shown that talking about our problems and sharing our negative emotions with someone we trust can reduce stress, strengthen our immune system, and reduce physical as well as emotional distress (Pennebaker, Kiecolt-Glaser, & Glaser, 1988). On the other hand, if we share our problems with the wrong people, the result is not beneficial but could rather harm ourselves. Why is that?

As human beings, we tend to be emotional and our considerations most likely biased upon things when facing problems. Possible scenarios that could happen if we share our problems to the wrong people are;

  1. We could sink deeper with self-understanding that may not be right at that time.
  2. What we feel may be considered as an exaggeration by those who may not have the same value with us and do not understand the conditions.

Unfortunately, these two things can actually have a bad impact and further worsen the situation and condition.

When experiencing unpleasant events in life, it’s difficult for us to view things objectively, especially if it gives us traumatic impact.

For this reason, Anak Bangsa Merajut Harapan Foundation (Angsamerah) together with Professional Life Coaches George Alain and Adrian initiated the Buddy Support Group, “The Neutral Voice and Perspective of a Friend for Your Problems”. We’re here to hold your hand and take you aside from the “chaotic game field” of life to sit in the spectator seat for a while. Helping you to see things clearer.

We’re a group of people from different backgrounds with different experiences, but with the same intention; to be there, when others need a hand / shoulder to simply share their problems. Using the Life Coaching & Mindfulness method, we hope to give a good impact for your well-being.

If you wish to join and share with us, for now Buddy Support Group is available on Wednesday and Saturday by appointment with Angsamerah admin.

All contact info is listed on or you can visit our social media platform.

Stay safe and sane!


Pennebaker, J. W. (1997). Writing about emotional experiences as a therapeutic process. Psychological Science, 8, 162-166.

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