Transgender Competent Care

Angsamerah at the International Transgender Competent Care Workshop, Bangkok 2019

Dr. Astrid Feliciany Seikka, MPH, as a representative of Angsamerah, was invited to be a panel member at the Transgender Competent Care Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand on the 15th of January, 2019. At the workshop, Dr. Astrid presented Angsamerah’s model of clinic and services to audiences whom mostly consist of experts, who have been working in HIV field for many years. Angsamerah’s work and efforts received a lot of positive reviews and appreciation from the audiences.

In this presentation, there were a couple of key points which were relayed:

  1. Private sector has an important role in eliminating HIV and AIDS.
  2. Sexual health services do not always have to focus on a certain key population. It is better to provide a holistic care which reaches out to all kind of groups but at the same time still caters to the needs of key population.
  3. To maintain sustainability, a clinic or an organization should not fully depend on external funds. It is important that the clinic or organization is actively making its own source of income continuously.
  4. Non-conventional approaches are sometimes needed when facing sociocultural issues in eliminating HIV and AIDS in certain regions.


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