Training Development

Youth Friendly Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in the Private Sector

On the 3rd of September 2013, UNFPA awarded Angsamerah Institution the management of the project called “Provision of Training on Youth Friendly Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Yogyakarta”. Project activities had been completed on the 27th of November 2013. This document summarized the process of the project implementation, outlines the outputs of the training and highlights key points relevant to the project.

The project duration had been agreed on for 23 working days, and a report had been submitted by the end of November 2013. There had been a delay in the implementation due to the limited time availability of some of the involved parties (local stakeholders and training participants). Nonetheless, planned activities were successfully completed.

Proposed activities in the project document were:

  • Development of questionnaire and assessment visit
  • Development of module and the handout for training on friendly ASRH services for physician in private setting
  • Trial of training module
  • Preparations of training, to ensure all the items are well prepared
  • Training
  • Development of monitoring tools for post-training follow up
  • Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Arrangement of post-training follow up field visit (max. two months after the training)
  • Debriefing with UNFPA team
  • Finalization of report

Activities that had been conducted are:

  • Development of training assessment tools
  • Assessment visit to meet the selected physicians (considered by the youth community and a number of NGOs to provide youth friendly sexual and reproductive health services)
  • Development of module and handouts for training on friendly ASRH services for physicians in the private sector in DIY. One-day training of a trial for module training
  • Conducted four-days training on Friendly ASRH Services for Physicians in the private sector in DIY
  • Post-training mentoring visits
  • Developed SOPs
  • Written reports: field visit report, training report, mentoring report, and project completion report

Eight documents submitted (during implementation period):

  1. Pre-training assessment tools
  2. Notes of pre-training assessment field visit
  3. Training module and handouts on training of friendly ASRH Services for physicians in the private sector and related certification
  4. ASRH Training report
  5. Data base of training participants
  6. Post-training monitoring and mentoring tools
  7. Post-training mentoring report
  8. Twelve standard operational procedures (SOPs)

Summary of important points:

  • Project had been completed successfully. Key stakeholders, training participants, and community members involved in the training gave encouraging support and feedback. Follow-up support is highly expected by all involved parties.
  • The provision of friendly and comprehensive ASRH services in DIY is being fully supported by Gusti Pembayun, Daughter of Sultan HB X (Sultan of Yogyakarta), and also the Sultan himself. Their support is crucial for the success of the program. Having them as campaign icons for the provision of progressive and friendly ASRH services could have a positive impact on a national level. In combination with adequate financial support and a technically strong team the program thus shows great promise for success. During a conversation with Gusti Pembayun she made two important statements, which we would like to put here:
    • “…I need a team of people “crazy” enough to overcome the youth problems in Yogyakarta…”
    • “…we have to be “brave” to promote sexual and reproductive health education widely among the youth, and the Sultan is very supportive of this action, as this is for saving adolescents’s life”
  • It is important to highlight that the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI/Ikatan Dokter Indonesia) and the Provincial Health Office (PHO) have endorsed the ASRH training in DIY. We look forward the the training curriculum would be endorsed by Ministry of Health and IDI to become the national training module for physicians in the private practice setting. Potentially this the training module would become an important part of the continuum of education for private physicians, who are interested in providing friendly ASHR services.
  • Twelve (12) physicians, who work in the private sector in DIY, are excited to join the SF for friendly ASRH services. A network of discussion groups has been set up by the physicians, which will potentially attract more doctors to join in for clinical discussions and improve the referral mechanism. This will have a positive impact the quality of their services and thus benefit the adolescents.
  • We believe the output and lessons learnt from this project could contribute postively to improve the friendly youth sexual and reproductive health services in private sector.
  • We highly appreciate UNFPA for giving Angsamerah Institution the opportunity to manage this project. The working process had allowed us to learn and grow, with valuable lessons learnt. Apart from benefiting our team it has also uplifted the profile of Angsamerah Institution. Moreover, it has opened up a new potential opportunity regarding the implementation of the social franchising strategy on friendly ASRH Services.


Read training report

Activities related to this project

This training was managed by dr. Alia Puji Hartanti

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