Tickler Toyfriend Cover

You never forget your first Toyfriend!

Exploring New Territories of Pleasure

Tickler Toyfriends are personal massagers (vibrators) and pleasure accessories for anyone interested in exploring new territories of pleasure. Designed by Tickler, a Swedish brand, which has been creating high-quality personalized vibrators with a unique feel and character, each Toyfriend massager has a modern look and is different in shape, size, color, and function. They are all waterproof and made of smooth and body-safe silicone (FDA approved), which allows for a safe and pleasant usage.

By designing products that do not intimidate, Tickler has been able to create toys which radiate positive energy and fun. Tickler Toyfriends are unlike any other tickling product of its kind, guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of those adventurers who are willing to explore new territories of intimacy and pleasure. You never forget your first Toyfriend!

Thanks to a partnership with Laci Asmara, the first online store in Indonesia to sell vibrators and other pleasure accessories, Tickler Toyfriends are now available for sale at the Angsamerah clinics. Please contact our staff to get your own Toyfriend.

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