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As part of an UNAIDS supported community learning mission from India to Indonesia from June 13-17, 2016, Mumbai based MSM CBO Humsafar Trust paid a visit to Klinik Yayasan Angsamerah to learn more about innovative models of community based services in the private healthcare sector in Jakarta, Indonesia. While in Jakarta Humsafar Trust was hosted by local MSM community partners GWL-INA and Intermedika Foundation.

The visit to Angsamerah took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 15, and the visiting team consisted of two members from Humsafar Trust, representatives of UNAIDS Indonesia and India, a delegate from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, and members of the local host MSM organization Inter Medika, and the member of Angsamerah Associate, Mr Danny Yatim, and Mr. Riki Febrian from AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

During the two hour visit Angsamerah provided the visitors with an introduction to Angsamerah Institution, as well as detailed information on the establishment and operation of Klinik Yayasan Angsamerah. From the clinic’s service system, to the nature of collaboration with local community organizations, to innovative strategies of reaching so far unreached members of key affected population groups, a wide range of relevant topics were addressed and discussed with the attentive and interested guests. Angsamerah also used the opportunity to promote its wide range of expertise to the Indian colleagues, which include the creation of models of healthcare delivery, innovative healthcare solutions, public health consulting and to serve as an incubator for healthcare professionals.


The study visit was an enriching and interesting experience for all partners involved. It is hoped that the sharing of knowledge and experience across the region will be beneficial both on a local and regional level, in an increasingly interconnected world.

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